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Much more. Much better.

2012-05-08 08:41:16 by novabees

Hey guys, I just got my password back and have much more time to the computer.
I have had many accounts under many names but have finally just decided to go with this one and to just be known by my full name.
Christopher Gleeson

I have a full time job now but outside of work I have been working on many projects.
So get ready for a mass upload of djent, metal, hardcore, punk, dubstep, drum n' bass, techno, etcetera.

I am working on mixing these tracks too. I never did mix with the other tracks, so here goes nothing.
I realise I don't have any real work up yet but if anyone wants tocollaborateor see what I am up to, I am always open to new projects.
I am more than happy to send unfinished work to work on collabed projects, just let me know.

Soundcloud (only has unmixed stuff and is only few of old work. I am willing to send current projects).


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2012-05-08 08:58:22

Uh oh. Where's some real work?

novabees responds:

If you PM me I can render this track I have been working on in the past couple hours tomorrow after work.

Or my demo tracks that I did a while ago.
I only just got this spare time a while ago so I am just starting it up.